• Premium Taste (Dark & Rich)

  • Single Source Salvadoran Coffee

  • High Octane in Every Cup


You Order. We Roast.





At the Emerson Coffee Roasting Company™ we are dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Unfortunately all coffees are not. That’s the beauty of coffee, and that’s where we come in. As a roaster, we are able to source our coffee from the best suppliers starting with beans that have all the raw characteristics we desire. Then through a precise process of roasting, that quite frankly is half science and half magic, we are able to enhance, develop, and secure the subtle yet important tastes, flavors, and aromas that produce the very best coffee you will ever drink. If we just went out and bought already roasted coffee beans we would have no control over any of that. As roasters we are the ones controlling the entire process.

Next of course, is the freshness - the time from roast to cup. Even with the best beans and a killer roasting process, even the most superb coffee will suffer the effects of aging – and it’s not like aging wine. Simply put, coffee is at its peak of taste about 24-72 hours after roasting and stays good for only a few days (about 12 to 14) before it starts to weaken and become dull, tasteless and stale just like all super market coffees. No matter what they say they’re not fresh—not even close. A wise man once said that you’ve never tasted coffee until you’ve tasted fresh coffee. That statement is absolutely true. Only a small batch artisan roastery can deliver on that promise. The Emerson Coffee Roasters Company™ will deliver on that promise.


Medium Dark Roast - El Salvador

A Renegade is defined as one who defies the rules and boundaries of conventional norms. They are often looked at as eccentrics or odd balls by their peers, yet they often end up remembered as the ground breakers, visionaries and risk takers who are the ones responsible for moving us forward toward the future. Would you expect anything less from us? We don’t abide by principles, standards, or the norm and neither does our coffee. The Renegade Roast takes the tastes, aromatics and flavors of a solid, single source coffee from El Salvador and gives it the solid punch American Coffee drinkers demand and expect. The Emerson Coffee Roasters Company™ is one of those “Outliers” and this dark Renegade Roast Salvadoran will prove that to you with your very first sip.

Roasting Soon…

Roasting Soon…